Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Foxconn To Produce 20 Million iPad 2 Units In 3rd Quarter

One of the closest companies to Apple, Foxconn has just expected by large number of analysts to produce at least 20 million iPad 2 units in the ongoing (Q3) quarter of 2011, the report is flying around the web and originally comes from the folks of Digitimes, who believes that Apple had inked order with Foxconn to assemble 20 million iPad 2 units more in the third quarter of 2011. Well we don’t get shocked by hearing this news, because we already know that iPad 2 is one of the hottest devices of Apple, and already stepped down many rival products with its massive demand among the users.


Foxconn iPad 2

The report surfaces right after the announcement of Foxconn financial earnings of the Q1 of 2011, their earnings were a whopping NT $27.38 billion, or about $945.93 million in US dollars. Apple has won the era of next generation with its magical iPad 2, and force many big companies to drop their products, Such as HP announcement of WebOS kill, just because of Apple successful iPad 2. If this all plays out correctly, Apple could be making $9 Billion dollars in one quarter alone.