Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Foxconn To Manufacture iPad HD For September Launch

Some last rumor reports from several sources claims that Apple is about to launch a new model of iPad which is said to be a professional model and will carry high graphics resolution screen and high speed memory chip along with some professional application suits like “Final Cut Pro X”, in the last report from Digitimes , we have heard that Apple is searching for new manufacturer to build its new model of iPad which is said to be a “iPad HD” because it seems that Foxconn the current and main developer of iPad has short fall in manufacturing of devices after the incident.  The recent report suggested that Apple is in talk with Pegatron and Quanta Computers as a second manufacturer of its iPad to create a minimum units of new model iPad for the launch in September with iPhone 5.


But now it seems that Foxconn will be the only one ruler, which manufactures the iPad this year. It is reported that Foxconn has heard the news of Apple in talk with other manufacturers and was able to convince Apple Executives to stick  with only manufacture of their devices. At this time it is still in the dark, with which name the new device will come, currently different people dubbed it as : “iPad HD” , “iPad Pro” , “iPad 2 Plus”