Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Foxconn Brazil Show’s The 8GB iPhone 4S, Code Named N90A

As Apple heading towards the fall iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 announcement event, we are hearing that the new devices will come with in three different memory sizes, as the prototypes start appearing around the web.

As from few months we have been hearing that this fall we will be having two iPhone models and one will be the low-cost model, the other with the all new specs, shape. Saying that 2 days are left for the Apple iPhone Event makes us happy but leak’s aren’t breaking. If they don’t, no effect because we know that Tuesday is the day. Yesterday the iTunes leak took place showing up the iPhone 4S model and a World Mobile phone, today the Foxconn plant at Brazil showed up the iPhone 4 the 8GB one.

iPhone 4S 8GBWe also heard that the iPad’s will also come from Brazil soon, but now some sign’s also came up. Last week also the Apple inventory showed up the new iPhone and White iPod Touch. The front panel is the same like the iPhone 4.

We can think of two model’s of iPhone, one the 8GB iPhone 4 the rumored low cost iPhone rather the 4S and the all new iPhone 5. Gizmodo Brzil believes

Most of these photos don’t look like anything special—just snapshots of a familiar face. But when you get to the last one, a picture of a Foxconn Brazil quality control form, you’ll notice something strange: a different model number, N90A. This has already been rumored to represent a cheaper version of the iPhone4.

Well we can also hope some upgrade into the 8GB iPhone 4, and some reports believe too.