Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Folks In China Complains Apple Is Pushing Pornography In Land

Apple is again hit with user’s objection and this time in China, and by one of the interesting thing. While the news is bit sketchy due to poor software based translation. Some people in China are start complaining the Government and other authorities that Apple is pushing pornography in China.

According to the source, a man rang up the China National Radio and start complaining about the Apple that they are pushing pornography in his country, according to the person he had downloaded an app from App Store entitled “18 Novels Forbidden In The Ming and Qing Dynasty” which contained some content that “annoyed” his family.

Folks In China Complains Apple Is Pushing Pornography In Land

Chinese Academy Of Sciences Professor, Li Qiang has told the radio that offering such content in China is a crime, according to the latest 2010 judicial interpretation on pornography in China, and called a “public prosecution”. On that matter an Apple spokesperson also comments on the complain and told that the app already comes up with a information warning that the app is “only suitable for adults over 17.” While the Li Qiang was also commenting on the matter and said  “In a country that has zero tolerance toward pornography dissemination, we won’t accept the rating system at all. Apple can’t use American laws to treat the problem in China,”.


Via People’s Daily