Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

Folder Enhancer gets an Update to Work on iOS 4.1

Hey guys your favorite tweak in cydia Folder Enhancer has been updated to work on iOS4.1.

iOS 4 brought with it the ability to put apps and bookmarks into folders. Unfortunately, the implementation is quite limited. You could only put 12 apps in a folder option which was built in iOS4.

Folder Enhancer takes this feature and improves upon it, making it a viable solution for organizing and accessing your apps and letting you put as many apps you want to in one folder. And you can put all the apps in one folder and use it like a spring board page.

What’s New in This Version:

  • NEW: Added support for iOS 4.1.
  • FIX: With “Close on App Launch” OFF, closing an app launched from a folder while the task switcher was visible would cause the folder to fail to reappear.
  • FIX: With wallpaper off, toggling the task switcher would cause parent folders to become visible, appear stacked. And this version has made the folder enhancer faster than before

You can purchase Folder Enhancer from the Cydia Store for $1.99.