Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Flashback.G Trojan Is Back On Mac OS With Multi-Tricks To Fool

Last year, we reported about the trojan horse that targets Mac, and bypassing the Mac OS security barrier through the non-official Adobe Flash Player installer on Mac devices. The old trojan horse is back with name of “Flashback”, and with some pretty cool tricks to infect your Mac devices with new vulnerabilities. While Apple is famous for its quick security moves on iOS and Mac OS devices to protect the users, and their important personal data from such kind of malicious software programs on their operating system, and already provided Mac users with a new kind of detection system of such kind threat on the machine with daily updated list of threats.

The report regarding the return of “Flashback” is firstly reported by the security firm Intego that believes that the new trojan is more active and intelligent than the older version of the trojan, and tricks users with couple of ways to get enter in the Mac OS. Basically the trojan firstly tries to enter in the computer through some Java-runtime vulnerability on your device, but if your Java-Runtime is up-to date with all latest necessary security updates, then it tries to enter in the operating system through a fake certificate, and fakes the signer name as “Apple, INC” .


As reported by the security firm, most of the users actually won’t know about the reality of the success and approves it entrance in their machines, and allow it openly to check and command your operating system without your knowledge, it also tries to trick some other third party applications on your device, and log all the saved usernames and passwords to send into their servers, like PayPal, eBay, or some personal information.


Moreover, the new trojan horse is much intelligent and hides itself tightly on the presence of any antivirus system on your Mac machine. It stopped using the basic method of installation, and start searching for the new vulnerabilities in the machine through the Java Runtime.


Now, It is highly recommended to all the Mac users to check and update their Java Runtime software with new updates, and focus to update their operating system to newer one, as the older gen Mac OS X 10.6.8 is freely open to such kind of malicious software hacks.