Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Flash Video Expose Allow You To Play Flash Video, Games, Applications On iPhone

You might shock after reading that Apple has just approved a new application in the App Store which must attract lot of users to it self and will become one of the top downloaded application. A new application browser named “Flash Video Expose” launches in the App Store today, which going to be provide you guaranteed reproduction of Flash based games, applications and videos on your iPhone and iPad, and will also supports the retina display of iPhone 4. The developer of this app gives 100% guarantee that the app will work and allow you to play flash games such as Facebook Games, Miniclip and many other web based flash games.


According to the brief description of the app, we learned that application is also going to allow you to visit flash based websites without any limitation quota and does not take time in converting the flash to the format which is supported on iPhone, the developer of the app has also mentioned that you can also enjoy real-time streaming “Super Fast HD Video and Audio” with this app on your iOS device. They have also designed their app in really elegant design and offer many other features with guarantee. This time we are not sure that, how the app will going to work, but from the comment section we got that the app is awesome and works really fast and does not take any time in loading video, games and applications.


flash video


» 100% FLASH WEBSITES supported. Play millions of flash video without any limitation.
» 100% web-based FLASH GAMES supported. Play Facebook games, Miniclip games and many other flash games right on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!
» Super fast HD video and audio real-time streaming. NO WAITING TIME!
» Elegant design yet offering many other features that guarantee you very enjoyable experience.
» 24/7 customer service.
» Dedicated team working around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction. The next update with a lot more cool features is coming soon!


Expose Flash Video is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, requires firmware version 3.0 or later and is localized in English.