Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Flash Browser: Another browser, allows you to play Flash Content on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Guy’s the first release of Puffin Browser allowed us to play flash content and after that we just heard before some time that a developer named Zeeshan Alam developed a browser named as Flash Browser which also allows us to play flash content but in a different way. This browser will actually load the flash website and after that by touching the content it will be prompt you to a new dialog in which the file will be started to download and after that you will be easy watching your video on your iDevice without internet connection while in Puffin Browser you are able to play the video live

Here is the Flash Browser in App Store

You can also download your copy via iTunes store.

This browser will disturb you a bit, if you guys are having a WiFi connection far… The browser will crash and the downloading will be canceled.


If you guys want to have a look at Puffin Browser, just click here.