Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

Fix Mobile Substrate in Cydia After iOS 4.3 Jailbreak (How To Guide)

The recently implemented ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) in latest version of iOS 4.3 to make it more secure against the jailbreak or hacks. This implementation of ASLR also makes the jailbreaking difficult, reported by Dev’s. But now Saurik, the brain behind the Cydia, comes up with the quick update to fix this ASLR issues on iOS 4.3.

This update is not officially available in Cydia, you have to done it manually. This time we not know how many bugs fix with this update and how buggy this update is. For fixing this ASLR on iOS 4.3 , you must have jailbroken device running on iOS 4.3.


Step 1: Start Cydia and install Safari Download Manager and iFile for your version of iOS device.

Step 2: Now navigate to this link via Safari browser on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Step 3: Download the .deb file to: /var/mobile directory.

Step 4: Now start iFile and navigate to /var/mobile directory. Tap on the Mobile Substrate .deb file that you downloaded, and then tap on “Installer” button to install it.

Step 5: Once done, reboot your device in jailbroken state. Start Cydia, search for Mobile Substrate and you should now have the latest version which supports iOS 4.3.