Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Fix: iPhone 4S Siri Service Not Working For Some Users

After the iPhone 4S massive sales it seems that every network who made big bucks from iPhone 4S now under the heavy load of data network and their users already losing their patience for the downtime. Since the sales start we heard that AT&T facing some issues while activating the iPhone 4S but now after few hours we have been reported by couple of users that they are facing issues with Apple’s iPhone 4S most attracting Siri.

According to the reports a large number of users are getting errors while using Apple’s new Siri Service. The service seems to be going under heavy load and does not working well and throwing different errors to the users, which blowing up users mind. After couple of research and playing with Siri, we have just found the way to get it back working on the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S Siri Not Working

The iPhone 4S Siri service downtime started earlier this morning and most of the users already hitting twitter with the outage tweets. Users reported that the service activated correctly, but was not connecting to process voice commands. It just shows an error like in the above screenshot.

STEP 1: Tap on Settings > General then disable Siri.
STEP 2: Reboot your iPhone.
STEP 3: Enable Siri through Settings > General and you should get it working.
So are you facing this big problem? Does the above method fixed the problem? Let us know.