Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Here’s How To Fix iOS 5 Battery Drainage On iPhone 4S & Other Devices

Since the Apple has started its iOS 5 beta testing among the enrolled developers with their dev program, including our dev many other developers had tested the beta version of iOS 5 and share their bug finds with the rest of the world. It appears that some iOS 5 bugs pop up’s on the Gold Master build of the firmware, where users have noticed a fall in the battery timing of the devices.

iPhone 4S battery drianage

Since we updated our different devices to the iOS 5 GM, we had also noticed that something is going on in the system. We just ignored the bug, and chose to wait for the final version of firmware to come up with the fix of battery drainage. As the iPhone 4S launched earlier this month along with iOS 5, once again Apple public forums lit up with the complains of battery drainage on iOS 5 and especially on iPhone 4S.

Many experts come up with numerous tips and tricks to solve the issue on new iPhone 4S along with other iOS 5 running devices, but none of them actually work there and the battery drainage goes on. Users reported that battery timing of iPhone 4S is completely insane. Firstly, it was reported that this battery drainage is happening due to the implementation of new features into iOS 5, but later it is tested that some other bug is causing this issue on all iOS 5 running devices. Let’s see how to fix that:

Step 1: First of all, head over to Settings.app on your device, then Location Services and finally tap on System Services.  (Settings > Location Services > System Services)
Step 2: On that page, at the bottom you will get a toggle switch to turn OFF/ON “Status Bar Icon.” Switch ON that toggle to test, is something going on your device? Definitely, something going on!
Step 3: Now, heads over to the main part of the tip, at the same page you will get “Setting Time Zone,” all you have to do is a toggle it OFF, and check the status bar for the icon, is it still there? Well not!
Step 4: That’s it! Now enjoy the new battery life of your device on iOS 5.

As reported by the iDB user, it appears that iOS 5 GM build comes up with a new bug that causes iOS 5 to keep tracking the location of the device for the auto time zone setting, which cause continuously using the GPS service of the device, and considerably it draining device battery. So you can fix the battery drain issue with this tip. We have already tested this tip on our devices, and found out that it really works.