Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

First Teardown Of New iPad Underway (Live Updating)

Just right after the first reviews video of the next-generation iPad started hitting the web, the famous folks over the iFixit announce that they have also got their hands on the device, and have started their famous teardown of the upcoming device.  They have begun the teardown process, and will come back with a complete detail over the upcoming device, and will publish their complete report on the device.

Their famous teardown will reveal all the specifications, and the manufacturers of these components, in short we can say that everything will be cleared out in some hours. The iFixit engineers have started their work on the device, and secondly, they have started examining the larger batteries pack of the new iPad, as many users asked them about the time period of charging the new device.

According to their initial report, the new iPad battery packs will take longer time than the older device, as it carries larger battery packs, nearly doubled in size from the iPad 2. The larger battery pack will also heat up the upcoming device internally.

– The new-generation iPad display appears to be coming from the Samsung. The Samsung was recently reported to be a sole manufacturer of the Retina Display panels for the upcoming device, while LG Display and Sharp is also rumored to be involved in providing the display panels to Apple.

We’ll be updating this post time to time with new reports coming out from the iFixit exclusive teardown of the device.