Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

First PS3 Custom Firmware Released

Hey folks KaKaRoTo, famous for his work on the PL3 payload, has released a tool that converts a standard Sony retail firmware files, into a Custom Firmware. The custom firmware allows the installation of homebrew files (via package install), without the need for a jailbreak.
Please note, this does not appear to have the necessary patches in place, that are necessary for playing backups. However, that is a very trivial matter, considering the grand spectrum of what KaKaRoTo has achieved.

Download Custom Firmware 3.55 PUP

Download Custom Firmware 3.41 PUP

KaKaRoTo’s Git Here

Download kakaroto-ps3utils-5815c3e

Video Proof

Read Here on how to apply this Custom Firmware