Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

First LTE Windows Phone Will Debut on AT&T (CES 2012)

The era of technology is making progress these days. We have moved from thick to thin and from fat to slim. These things have changed our lives and the way we used to do computing, do communication and much more. If we see back on those days when we had a Phone with 2G Network, today seems to be a joke. These days we are having 3G Internet, which is now improving to LTE (4G).

LTE is mainly referred to the 4G networks for Mobile Devices. This new LTE service was said to be coming on BlackBerry and few more devices some months back in some specific countries.

Today, at C.E.S (Consumer Electronic Show) where every single company is showing off their products and innovations, Microsoft’s C.E.O, Steve Ballmer announced their first LTE Windows Phone. He also announced that AT&T would be the first carrier in US to offer LTE service on Windows Phone.

We will for sure see the new LTE Service on Windows Phone in coming months but will we see a better battery life because LTE will consume battery like water.