Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Find My Mac Gets Real On Mac OS X Lion, Lets You Remote Wipe And Lock Option

Find My Mac the similar app to the “Find My iPhone” was discovered a few months ago, when the early preview of Mac OS X Lion surfaces, Find My Mac is rumored to be the similar service as the Apple providing to the iPhone users in the form of Find My iPhone. Find My Mac, is allow users to geo-locate their mac, remotely lock and wipe all the personal and important data from it remotely, since all these functions all already floating here in the Find My iPhone. So yesterday Apple has release the Lion Developer Preview 4 with the integration of Apple’s new cloud based service at WWDC keynote.

After the release, the 9to5mac folks managed to digged into it to know more about the functionality of the Find My Mac, after inspecting they believe it will works similar to the Find My iPhone, but as a change of platform it will provide some more powerful features. As the Safari browser integration in the process of this, seems to be a clever mode to force a mac to connect to the internet.