Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Find My iPhone Service Used To Locate Wreckage Of Chile Plane Crash

This is not the first time you will be hearing about Find My iPhone service saved some one or people used Find My iPhone to get their things back. If you are a regular reader of FreakGeeks, so you should have read previously that an iPhone 4 felt from the pocket of the Jump Master while he was seeing if the Airplane is in the correct position in order to send parachute jumpers. The iPhone flew away from his pocket due to high air pressure and had a great 1,000 foot fall. When he landed, so he used Find My iPhone to locate his iPhone.

The another recovery made by Find My iPhone was done by a Bolognese girl, who was a volley ball trainer and was practicing her daily routine of Volley Ball practice. While she was busy, a 17 year old kid approached her purse and stole her purse and ran away. Later on she moved to Find My iPhone and located where her iPhone was. The thief and iPhone were caught by the police.

Two days back there was a plane crash in Chile, rescue/recovery of the wreckage are under work to find the 17 people who were on board. The Plane is identified as Casa-212 turboprop Plane, which made two attempts to land on Juan Fernandez islands, some 670km (415 miles) off the Chilean coast, in windy conditions on Friday afternoon. Due to the failed attempts the plane was blown off-course and crashed later on.

Now 9to5mac got an email from the relative of one of the victims of the plane crash saying that one of the passenger on that was carrying an iPhone. The relatives of victim logged in to Find My iPhone and were able to locate the last location of the iPhone before the plane was crashed.

After the last location was determined, then the information was given out to Navy to help them in the search of the Plane.

The news of Find My iPhone was seeming to be fake until the same news was posted on a Spanish web:

Rear Admiral Francisco García-Huidobro explained the founding that garnered a lot of attention today, and it has to do with an iPhone belonging to one of the victims of the aereal accident in Juan Fernández, in a beach in Bahía Carvajal. The phone signal could be captured thanks to the GPS system, however, water ended up shutting it down. Nevertheless, García Huidoro explained that they managed to plot the last position from where the signal was last generated, which will be made public tomorrow. Navy Special Forces are expected to go down to the ocean floor and recover the device on the fifth day of the search. The iPhone is expected to be near the place where a wheel from the crashed plane was found on Friday.

We all condemn on the Plane Crash and they should be thankful to Apple for the amazing service they made for user to locate their iPhone by Find My iPhone which is a free service for all those who got iPhone.