Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Find My iPhone Helps Police In Arresting Armed Suspect

Many of you may know about the Apple’s Find My iPhone – tracking application, and about its work through the stories on which Apple’s Find My iPhone service had helped the police and officials to track the situation. Most recently LA Times report that Apple’s Find My iPhone was used in tracking the suspects for arrest in the robbery suspect last Thursday. According to the LA Times report, a male suspect made his entry in the female’s house at gun points for robbery and took her purse, which held all of her things along with her beloved iPhone inside. The suspect left the house and got away from the visual contact.

However, the female victim then called the cops and remembered that she has enabled Find My iPhone service on her iPhone, which was robbed and informed the officials about the tracking application. Luckily, the police officials’ uses, a random citizen’s laptop on the street to track the suspect using Apple’s web based tracking application and successfully track down the suspect via using Apple’s Find My iPhone and Website.

The police officials’ later found the suspect male and arrest him under the robbery charges. After tracking down the suspect, in a statement LAPD told LA Times that how important is to have tracking applications on Laptop’s or smartphones:

LAPD officials say computer and phone theft is a major contributor to crime in Los Angeles, and the theft — and its outcome — illustrate the value and benefit of using tracking applications and software for computers, cellphones and portable tablets.

This is not the first time when we are hearing about that type of help from Apple’s services. Find My iPhone was also used back in September at the moment of the sad Chilean plane crash, when officials didn’t find out the visual contact with the crashed plan.