Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Find My iPhone 1.2 Released Brings Support Notifications For Offline Devices

Just like every software based thing of Apple got update after WWDC keynote, Find My iPhone app has also got an update which takes the application to the version 1.2. The new version of Find My iPhone 1.2, comes up with new feature like, now you can remove the offline devices from the list of iPhones and iPads which you have previously configured and also with the new feature of email notification, which notifies you with an email when the offline device comes online and is located again.

  • When you are unable to locate a device because it is is offline, you will receive an email if the device comes online and is located.
  • Ability to remove an offline device from the list using the app.

It is unclear to say this time that the new Find My iPhone may use the iCloud and take advantage of it, but we are damn sure Apple has completely moved its all thing to the iCloud service. You can check out the new app from here