Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Finally Apple Wins, Become The New Owner Of iPods.Com

In earlier week of June, we have reported that Apple filed a complaint to Intellectual Property Organization for iPods.com to gain control on it, the domain was registered back in 2002, when Apple releases the iPod, some guys buy the domain and start running mp3 download related website. Finally after 9 years registration of domain, Apple thinks to take control on it and ask IPO to gain access on the domain and transfer the domain rights to the company, because they owned the “iPod Trademark” and they have complete right to claim the domain.

Finally today Fusible reports that Apple has been now the new owner of iPods.com and the domain rights will soon be transferred to Cupertino Company, they didn’t share the full details about the claim of Apple. But shortly, Apple wins the iPods.com from some guys. Apple is also known for paying in the millions for domains.