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iPhone 5 expected to be launched in Apple’s “It’s Almost Here” event

by Ankit Pandey - on Sep 7th 2012 - 2 Comments
iPhone 5 - Its Almost Here

The invitation for the next event of Apple has finally arrived. The invitation has arrived for the press event which will take place at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco on September 12, 2012. The venue has remained a hot favorite for the Apple smartphones and other launches as well. There is a clue that Apple might launch its iPhone...

Facebook for iPhone & iPad Updated :- Check The New Features

by Ankit Pandey - on Aug 26th 2012 - No Comments

The app update of Facebook for iPad and iPhone which was originally scheduled to be rolled out in July is finally here in app store with various improvements than its predecessor that was deemed to be much slower and puzzled with errors. Facebook, it seems has taken its own sweet time for bringing out this important update for the iPads and...

iOS 6 Simulator Confirmed The 4-inch Taller iPhone 5 With 5 Rows

by Ankit Pandey - on Aug 8th 2012 - No Comments

In the latest line of claims regarding the upcoming Apple iPhone 5, it has been said that the new device is going to feature the long speculated 4 inch display. However, the screen will be in taller and not wider which could naturally disturb the innate resolution settings of the iOS 6 in the latest device. But according to the reports that are going viral over the internet, the iOS 6 has UI features that are will allow for it to be stretched on devices having a bigger screen and that comes as a big positive for the Apple users.

The same sources which had earlier leaked the information on the parts of the latest Apple device are also behind the current confirmation along with the iOS 6 SDK which is also hinting on the stretching feature.

Early on Tuesday morning the 9to5 mac people came up with a fresh back trace on the iOS 6 SDK along with the iOS emulator that is providing for the iOS developers for making their apps compatible with the new version of iOS 6. The website has confirmed the news that the device is most likely to feature 640×1136 , as they have managed to hack some of the settings for making it run on the much speculated 4 inch display screen and simulated how the iOS 6 eta 4 or the later versions of the same will be appearing on the 4 inch display of the screen.

With the fact that the iPhone 5 is going to come with iOS 6 pre-installed on it for its users, almost certain along with the change in the design of the device ; many people have been wondering how the things will actually appear on the big screen.

As per the latest set of reports, the iOS 6 simulator runs correctly the iOS 6 beta version on the 4 inch screen hacked simulation mode and showing that the latest device will be having 5 rows on the home screen. This marks the Apple iPhone ditching the traditional home screen UI and adopting the latest stretchable UI from Apple.

Both iOS 5.1 and 6.0 have bene compared into their hacked simulator which is powered for running the 4 inch display screen and have discovered that iOS 6 will be openly adopting the screen resolution and will have 5 rows on the screen . As compared to this iOS 5.1 has been unable to adapt this feature, and it shows only 4 rows on the home screen of the device.

It is being anticipated that iOS 6 will be launched by Apple in September along with the launch of iPhone 5 in a media event, a couple of weeks before the actual release of the iPhone 5 in the markets. Apple iPhone 5 is simply the most awaited smartphone of the year.


As pert latest reports, following a simulator run on the iOS 6, the Apple iPhone 5 will have a larger 4 inch display screen having 5 rows.

iOS 6 All Features with Details – New iOS 200+ Features

by Ankit Pandey - on Jun 12th 2012 - No Comments
iOS 6 Features

iOS 6 is the latest update for iOS operating system and has become the much talked about topic these days. If you have been keen and eager to know what features you can enjoy on the operating system, just read on. We will present to you the detailed features of iOS 6. As the WWDC Apple unveiled the features of the operating system, it...

Download iOS 6 Beta for iPhone, iPad, iPod

by Ankit Pandey - on Jun 12th 2012 - No Comments
iOS 6 Beta

The release of the iOS 6 is on the corner and the new OS has been making huge waves for a very long time. With the WWDC 2012, already underway, the developer betas are likely to be release for general public in the span of next few hours (similar to what happened with iOS5). If the links that have been leaked are authentic, then users...

Apple Shows New MacBook Pro Features Announced in WWDC 2012

by Ankit Pandey - on Jun 11th 2012 - No Comments
New MacBook Pro

The landmark Conference of Apple, the Worldwide Developers Conference 2012, kicks off today on June 11. The technology giant, like always, has created a huge deal of anticipation for all its fans and followers. The event is simply the biggest in the technology world and is Apple’s way of showcasing its strategies in innovation. Reports...