Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Faster New iPhone and iPod Touch Seeded Internally To Developers

Undoubtedly, Apple is moving ahead to ready up the iOS devices update for 2012 with new design and hardware updates for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The skeptical details are already coming out from the sources over the rumor mills, but over friend on 9to5mac, have just reported that the new faster iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5 prototypes are now seeded internally to the developers to test couple of different hardware versions, and to notice all the major bugs in the newer devices. The new iPhone is already reported several times to be getting a new look in this update, but according to the report, Apple has seeded the new faster iPhone 5 hardware in the old iPhone 4 design, to prevent the design leaks all over the world.


iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5 Released Internally In Apple 

The next-generation iPhone is reportedly scoring an A5X processor to accomplish different field testing internally, but we believe that Apple will not seed the actual next-generation iPhone with the A5X processor, because the A5X processor is meant to power the iPad’s retina display, but in the iPhone series, there are already Retina display screens are available, and Apple doesn’t need a special processor to power up these displays. It is rumored that the next-generation iPhone will power a quad-core A6 processor, and 1 GB RAM like the third-generation iPad.  We are again claiming that these are the only internal testing prototypes of the next-generation iPhone to make the new-generation iPhone more prefects for the final launch.

On the other side, it is reported that Apple is looking forward to seeding a major update to iPod Touch series, as the developers have found a new reference of iPod5,1 in the latest iOS 5.1, which suggests that Apple is clearly developing something new in their labs. iPod Touch is one of the most popular gaming devices in the market, and we believe that Apple will equip next-generation iPod Touch with A5 or A5X processor to provide the new powerful device to users.