Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

FastCam Lets You Quickly Access Camera App On iPhone / iPad

With the release of iOS 5.1, Apple has introduced a method to access your Camera application from the lock screen quicker than ever, and you all guys must be thinking to update your device to get the awesome feature on your device, where you would get a camera icon on lock screen and gets the camera application working on your device with a slide of icon on the screen. However, we will say, the iOS jailbreak community is not dead! Because they have another launch of the awesome tweak for you that brings the Camera application running on your device, quickly even more than Apple’s enhanced iOS 5.1 lock screen, and the new tweak allows you to directly call the camera application on your device from anywhere, even in any application.


FastCam is a new tweak heading to the Cydia with an ability to bring the camera application working on your device quickly, even with a double tap on-screen, the tweak is basically using the Camera API key to launch the application on your device with the pre-configured settings in Activator, the tweak requires you to install the Activator on your device, so you can enjoy the complete functionality of the tweak on your device, or even can configure the gesture to launch the camera application on your device with Activator.

It is surely a big benefit for the users who use their iOS devices to spy on several things, or use their smartphones to take the couple of quick pictures of the things around themselves. Reportedly, the new FastCam tweak can bring the camera application much quickly than the iOS 5.1 lock screen camera shortcut The tweak is apparently under the development to carry more features, and stability improvements for the final launch of the tweak in Cydia’s BigBoss Repository.

FastCam will be soon available in BigBoss Repository, for free of cost! Must give it a shot!