Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Famous Dolphin Browser Updated For iPhone / iPad With Voice Control, URL Keyboard

The popular third party web browser for both Android and iOS, who recently have made it’s a way to the iPhone and other iOS devices, has just got an update from the team behind the useful mobile web-browser for the iPhone users. The popular third party web browser is downloaded more than 10 million times on both platforms, and appears to be pretty useful for the smartphone users, as it introduces a new gestures pattern to browse through the web. Dolphin browser is featuring custom gestures that allow users to draw custom symbols on their devices and assign them for a specific task on the browser.

In other words, the Dolphin web browser is one of my favorite browser on my iOS devices and Android phones as it work awesome on smaller screen devices, and beautifully render the web-pages with coupled of advanced options and features. However, the team behind the browser MoboTap Inc. updated the Dolphin browser for iPhone users with the number of new features, including the all-new voice control capability in the browser named as Sonar. The new voice-control feature works with any webpage search, text field. To get it working on your device, all you have to do is to shake your device or just tap on a mic button – which newly introduced in the browser with this new update for iPhone users.

The new voice control feature doesn’t only allow you to search for eBay items with voice on your devices, instead you can also update your Facebook Status, and post tweet right from the browser using the new voice control feature on your iPhone.

Dolphin Browser for iPhone is available to download from the App Store, and the astonishing feature of the browser is that it is available for free to download from the App Store. The new update contains a number of new features to the browsers, just like the return of popular URL keyboard on the browser, and the night-vision feature of the browser that allow customers to dim the screen color with a slider inside the browser.