Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Fake iPhone Makers Busted In China, Uses Real Parts Of iPhone

What’s the worst moment of Apple?  The time their technology copied by the Chinese smart mind cheaters to develop the low cost fake devices to seed the higher devices to normal range folks. Apple is one of the company who has been facing this issue and one of the only company which was targeted by the copiers in very unique ways.

In the starting months of the year we have heard that China has now some fake Apple Store’s too, along with the fake iPhone’s but the stores was quickly reached out by Apple and siezed by the local authorities of the China land to protect the Apple’s trademark and trade. While the fake iPhone case still on the pipeline, today we have been reported that authorities have grounded the some fake iPhone developers in China.


The cost to make one fake iPhone, which used some genuine parts, was around 2,000 yuan ($313). It was sold on unauthorized markets and on the Internet for around 4,000 yuan, only a few hundred yuan cheaper than the real iPhone, the newspaper said.

The fake iPhones had the same functions as the genuine ones but had a shorter battery life, it quoted the police as saying.

According to the report, they have seized a big gang of the folks who are involved in developing the fake iPhones, at the low cost by using some Apple’s original parts, yeah. According to the report its really hard to distinguish between the fake and real iPhone from the look and work of the iPhone, but the fake iPhone models have only one defect, the devices have really poor battery time. As the publication reports, the fake iPhone developers build these models at low cost and sale them on internet and in the grey market of China for double bucks, but still lower in cost as compared to the real iPhone price in the town.