Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Fair Video Comparison: iPad 2 vs Kindle Fire

As the Amazon made its $199 Kindle Fire available for the public, after the scenario of pre-orders for the device, one of the most asked questions comes into every third tablet user mind: Which is the faster and super tablet to be carry with their self, the Amazon’s or Apple’s iPad? The folks over iDownloadBlog, just take an advantage of time and come up with the comparison between both devices to clear out the confusion.

Before getting into details, I want to say Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 is not a fair comparison, as the new device carries many of the internal linked programs with Amazon servers and carries the OMAP 4430 chip inside, the same chip founded in RIM’s dead BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

As expected the iPad 2 boots much quicker than the new Amazon’s Kindle Fire, again due to its horse power dual-core A5 processor from Apple which allows the tablet to kick out any other table from the market. The guys over the site, runs a web browser test on both devices, and once again iPad 2 wins with its Safari Mobile Browser, and Kindle Fire faces issues in browsing through the web on their all-new Silk web-browser with Amazon cloud services. The iPad 2 graphics performance also beats the Kindle Fire, but during the test Kindle Fire only gets the number over iPad 2, when the both tablets point to visit the flash based content. As we know, Apple’s devices do not support the Flash Mobile since the born.

The folks also found out that the Kindle Fire stream Netflix content much quicker than the Apple’s iPad, but there is a login reason present behind this, tomorrow Netflix launches the new major update to its Netflix of Android, and do not updates its Netflix app for Apple’s tablet.

That’s all, the current comparison is not the most scientific test between the both devices, but still it represents the final details of the geek bench results.