Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

FaceTime Video Call Still Limited To Wi-Fi, Even 4G LTE iPad Rolls Out

Even the FaceTime was launched couple of years ago with the exclusive launch of the iPhone 4, but still it appears that the service is struggling among the users for its adoption, while it appears to be a great facility for the users out there with the iOS devices, but still it seems to be a big problem for the users as the service is only available on the Wi-Fi networks, and still there are no options to bring the service to the cellular networks. The service is not being used by the users on their iOS devices, and Mac OS devices due to its limitation on the Wi-Fi network.

FaceTime calls outside the Wi-Fi network is not possible, unless you jailbroke your device with the latest iOS firmware version, while many users are now expecting that the service might come to the cellular networks as the latest iPad is carrying a high network connection from the 4G LTE networks, but it appears from the earlier reviewer of the device that the service is still limited to the Wi-Fi networks even with the new launch of the iPad in the market.


Back in 2010, on the launch of the service, Steve Jobs announced in the keynote that the FaceTime call service would be limited to the Wi-Fi networks in this year, but they will do a little more work with the cellular companies to make it launch on the cellular networks with wide-range video calling option. So there rises a question, why the cellular companies are still blocking such an option? While many other VoIP applications on different devices are providing the same video-calling features to the users without any kind of charges for the service.

Well, it is still not clear that why the cellular companies are not making a deal with Apple to launch the service on their cellular networks, but we can hope that Apple will think about it in the near future to settle down its FaceTime calling feature on the cellular networks, as it will be booms the service usage among many other services. Apple has already started killing the text-messaging services of the cellular’s with the announcement of iMessages in the iOS.