Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

FaceTime Over 3G Officially Going To Debut Soon In Germany

When Apple firstly, debuted its FaceTime back in June 2010, the company told the media that initially the service will be only offered on Wi-Fi network, but after contacting with partner networks on the pricing of FaceTime technology on the 3G network, the service will be available on 3G. However, since the service is launched, Apple has not been yet able to ink deal with any partner to start streaming FaceTime over 3G, but in the end of last year we heard that they are working to start FaceTime on 3G networks.

This morning we come across to the internal documents from one of the Apple’s partner network that they are going to make the FaceTime available on the 3G network in Germany. A German site claimed today that country’s Deutsche Telekom, the backbone of T-Mobile USA is about to launch FaceTime over their 3G officially, and obviously, the service will not be available in the market for free of cost. The rumor of FaceTime on 3G comes from the internal sales document of Deutsche Telekom, which mentions a paid “VoIP/FaceTime option” in their report.

It appears that Apple will finally be able to kick out their service worldwide this year around the earth. Well, the jailbreaking community already comes up with a little fix since the actual launch of the service, which allows users to make FaceTime call over the 3G network with jailbreak.