Sat. May 21st, 2022

Facebook’s New Timeline Features Is Enabled Officially, Goes Live Worldwide

The Facebook’s timeline feature was revealed on 11th September 2011 on the Facebook’s first ever developers conference named “F8”. Facebook has been cahnging its theme rapidly but yet now this one shows the stuff more interestingly and is rather more attractive too. By the word “Timeline” it actually wraps all your past activities up from the day you joined Facebook and brings all in front. I remember the Facebook’s old theme in which all the applications and boxes used to come and take up the whole page, which is not now available.

The Facebook timeline feature also lets you add any memory with the pictures or videos which is not available on Facebook at the date when it occurred. The timeline starts with the birth date of yours and brings up to the date you joined Facebook, then shows all your stuff including the applications you used, pictures and video you uploaded on the days, the status updates, the relationships, the a;bums and much more in the timeline.

Including the time line feature there is a new thing which is known as “Cover Photo”, you can upload any of your most memorable picture on that which will be on the top of the page and can hide too. The cover photo will be placed above the profile picture of yours. At the right of the cover photo there is a navigation bar from which you can select the year where you want to reach on the page.

There were more stuff revealed on “F8” conference such as the iPad app to release and more but Facebook is working hard to maintain the world most used social networking site.

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