Wed. May 25th, 2022

Facebook For iPhone Updated With Many Bugs Fixed (iPad Users Stay Away)

Few minutes back the most used, well known and highly rated App in AppStore got Updated with many improvement made. We are talking about the Facebook App. If we talk about Facebook App, so many people face many problems with this App while running on their iPhone/iPod. Sometimes the App won’t open, the App will crash and so on.

The update 3.5 brings all these things fixed and more stability has made to Facebook App. Below is the change log of what’s new and Fixed in the App.

The new version of the App is available on iTunes. You can Download it here.

Why iPad/iPad 2 Users Should Stay Away?

The reason you people should stay is becauseif you update the App, you will loose the iPad App compatibility with the update. This how Facebook will run after the update on your iPad.

So we would recommend you that stay on the previous version and wait for FaceForward to update in order to work with this new update.

I Accidentally Updated The App On iPad. Now What Do?

Well no need to worry. If you have updated the App on your iPad, you can download the previous version from here and delete the update and install this one in order to run iPad compatible App by FaceForward.

Will We Get FaceForward Update As You Mentioned?

You will not be getting FaceForward update because the dev behind FaceForward Tweeted that:

Facebook removed iPad support in their latest app update. It’s not possible for FaceForward to enable something that’s no longer in the app.

If you updated the App, So follow the previous step in order to get the App Back.