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Which Social Media Platform Is Better And Why?

by Adeel Zia - on May 25th 2013 - No Comments

Social media interaction Social media interaction is a method in which, people interact with one another and exchange useful information over the internet. This exchange of information is possible when one individual creates an account over the social media website. The types of social media websites, which are currently popular, include: Facebook Twitter Orkut LinkedIn Blogs Wikis While...

Facebook Developing Smartphones : Hired Bunch of Quality Engineers from Apple

by Ankit Pandey - on May 30th 2012 - No Comments

In fresh revelations, what has come to light is that, Facebook has been approaching former engineers from Apple who had worked upon the development of earlier versions of the iPhone and the iPad. However the question is, does Facebook have the firepower to become as strong force in the field of mobile technology? Some sources reveal that...