Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Facebook Announced Video Chat, Ad Hoc Group Chat and New Chat Interference

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally come on the event and start announcing their something “awesome” in the event, he just announced that Facebook is start rolling out some few new features, which includes Ad Hoc group chat, most awaited video chat option for Facebook users, which going to be powered by Skype. They have also announced that they are rolling out new design for its chat interference.


New Chat Design:

“It’s been hard to start a conversation before”, says Project Manager Peter Deng. Facebook will snap on a Chat sidebar if there is enough room in a user’s browser, making it easier to browse Facebook while Chatting. “This makes it so users who have wide enough screens will have an easier time initiating conversations” says Zuckerberg.




Ad Hoc Chat:

Basically the group chat feature that they have announced today is dubbed as “Ad Hoc Group Chat”, recently users have to make group first to do group chat but now after this announcement, user can easily start group chat while doing chat with one friend, a drop down will allow users to “Add Friends to Chat”. This opens a type ahead, with each entered friend being added to the conversation.

Skype Video Chat Calling:

This is the most awaited and wanted feature, users already want something like this in Facebook, so finally today Facebook has announced the feature of video chat with integration of Skype. In this user have to download a specific plugin to its machine, and after installing they will receive and do video chat on Facebook through the Skype plugin. By default this time this feature is disabled, users have to manually enable this feature on its profile, check out the complete detail information here