Sat. May 21st, 2022

Facebook Video Calling Coming To Facebook Messenger For iOS

Earlier this morning, an interesting exclusive news landed on the Italian Blog reporting about the social giant Facebook future plans for its Facebook Messenger. Facebook is rumored to bring on the video calling feature on their newly introduced Facebook Messenger app for the iPhone & iPod Touch. Facebook launched this application back in the August to provide a new experience to the users who engaged their self in chatting on Facebook Messages. Facebook Messenger iOS app allows to send messages like chat bubbles at the current time, but it appears Facebook might update it with video calling features.

Facebook has recently announced its partnership with Skype and brings the video calling on Facebook across the computer network. According to the translated words of the Italian blog, iPhone Italia, we come across to the hidden layout of the Facebook Messenger app for iOS supporting the video chat function in the app for iPhone and iPad.



Facebook is rumored to testing the internal beta of the application with its developer and to bring the new video calling option to the iPhone and iPod Touch with their Facebook Messenger. However, at the current time we can only expect the video calling fucntion for iPhone 4 / 4S and the iPod Touch.