Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Facebook To Launch “Something Awesome” Next Week, iPad App?

The report comes from Reuters claims that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckberg told reporters earlier this week that Facebook is going to launch “something awesome” next week. He also shared a bit information about the upcoming thing and tries to give clues to the analysts, he said “ the upcoming product is developed in Facebook’s Seattle based engineering center and can obviously be anything related to a new feature of site or a new tablet based application. While looking into past we have seen that lot of multiple iOS related products coming soon, so it might be a launch most awaited Facebook Application for iPad.



Last week, we have reported that Facebook reports that they are developing Facebook For iPad for quite sometime, and now according to the developing status its on the last stage of testing around the executives of Facebook. According to last reports, Facebook for iPad app to carry all features of Facebook Web, and will allow users to upload images, video into the 9.7 inch tablet and will carry the similar interference that Facebook Web or Facebook For iPhone carries.