Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Facebook Remotely Blocks The Hidden iPad App, Game Is Over!

This may be a bad news for those who are still in the hope of getting the leak official Facebook app for iPad, at the time of writing details are not too much confirmed but we got words from the TechCrunch who even firstly reveal the presence of app inside iPhone version, says that Facebook has done some remote block on iPad client, which recently revealed to the public early in the morning, means now users can’t use the leak Facebook for iPad app, until the officially release.


According to the report, its unclear that the remote block affecting everyone who hack the Facebook for iPhone app to unlock iPad client, or just for those who are yet to test the tweak hack. Well it clearly seems that Facebook developers has done some remote trickery to block their upcoming Facebook for iPad. The hack to unlock the app, contains some changing with the apps “UIDeviceFamily” property, and also the leak app was buggy. After this, I must say to wait until Facebook to officially release the iPad client.


[via TechCrunch]