Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Facebook Messenger App For iPhone Hides Secret Video Chat Feature

From today, we have must have to note on our logs that Facebook native application developers has also have great interest in hiding feature products in their older version of apps, and also does not have pretty good skills to hide the coding of their such apps to secure their work. Last month we have seen that Facebook developers kick out the new version of iPhone app, which was originally labeled to fix old bugs, but in reality the app also contains the most awaited Facebook App for iPad, and now today they released new standalone Facebook Messenger for iOS devices and Android phones, and just after few minutes eagle eye folks of 9to5mac reports that this app also contains some hidden secrets, according to them the app also supports and allow users to do video chat.

Yeah, now through the app you can do video chat with your friends, and according to the code of the app video chat feature is based on the previous launched feature of Facebook with support of Skype. So if your also one of those who got their hands on the code of app, feel free to share hidden dirty secrets with us.