Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Facebook Is Discussing To Introduce “Hate” Button On Web

It was been two years ago that Facebook has launched the Like button on the internet, and we have seen in last two years how this Like button becomes the trend among the web masters and helps them in sharing their web content on the social network, and as well as it helps users to show their impression regarding the shared content, status, link on the Facebook. But after, the introduction of Like button in the web sphere, many users start asking Facebook to introduce a “Dislike” button that put mute on several posts and sharing from different streams on Facebook and all over the web.

We have seen the Facebook Like button helps Facebook in its overall growth on the internet, and more importantly many webmasters openly adopted it on their websites to get quick feedback from the users. The Facebook Like button simply overtakes the old age, Facebook’s share widget that initially allows users to share the other web content on their profiles with their friends, family, and colleagues on the internet, but then later after the launch of quick Like button everything simply changes, every person used to press the Like button on the web to share it to their wall simply. But along with the Like button, a large number of users want a “Hate” or “Dislike” button from Facebook from last two years, the button that correctly helps them in grading the content shared on the websites, and social networks.

According to the inner report of TechCrunch, the Facebook team is working on a new button that let users to completely share their views regarding the content available on Facebook, and on the entire internet world. It is reported that company is working on the button from the couple of months, and now debating whether to name it “Hate” or “Dislike.” As reported by Facebook Studies, users mostly hate things on the internet more than they like, and therefore, the company is now looking forward to launching a new hate button on the web sphere.

The inside sources of TechCrunch reports that still there are lot of people inside the Facebook that are opposing the launch of the button, because they believe that the button going to hurt the Company business, and if they succeed in delaying the launch of new hate button, then the button may never launch in public.