Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

Facebook For iPad Hidden Insides iPhone Version, Here is How To Get It (Guide)

It seems that Facebook for iPad official app exists and will come out in the App Store really very soon, the evidence of app is seen in the Facebook For iPhone version. According to the TechCrunch, Facebook for iPad hidden inside the official version of iPhone and will only works for you on your iPad if you know how to install it. As it was reported before that Facebook is working on iPad version of app, with almost all feature, which were available on the web version.

Facebook For iPad includes several function of Facebook and also provide users a Chat sidebar, which they have recently rolled out to web version users, and it also contains the full interface for Facebook Messages, which looks similar to the Apple’s iMessage design. So without wasting any time, we are here for you with complete tutorial on how to get it on your iPad, before digging in to more, the app currently only be installed on jailbroken iPad’s.


Here is How To Get Official Facebook App For iPad:


Step 1: First of all Download iFilefrom Cydia, use search to quickly get it.

Step 2:After installing iFile, launch it.

Step 3:Now on the left pane, click on “Applications”.


Step 4:Now you’ll be greeted with folders which contains system assigned names, look up for the Facebook app folder in them.


Step 5:Once you’ve located the Facebook folder, open the folder.

Step 6:Once  you find out the folder, scroll down and find the “info.plist” file. Tap on the “info.plist” file and then tap on “Property List Viewer”.


Step 7:You’re now inside the info.plist file. Simply scroll down and find “UIDeviceFamily”.


Step 8:Tap on UIDeviceFamily and set its value to “2”, without the quotes of course.


Step 9:  After doing all of the steps, restart your iPad and launch the Facebook for iPhone app, means Smile with tongue outFacebook For iPad.


At this time, the app is buggy and while using you have keep in mind that Facebook will not going to release the app until they fixed all of the known bugs.