Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Facebook For iPad App Ready Since May, Developer Quits Due To Repeated Delays

As the Facebook was rumored highly to launch its most awaited Facebook App for iPad at the last week Company’s F8 Developer conference, but they didn’t release the iPad app and close down their meeting and highly disappointed people. Now today it is reported that engineer developer of Facebook, who got the project to work on the app has just quit his job due to repeated launch delays of its designed application and joined the Google.

Jeff Verkoeyen, the developer who hired by Facebook to build the app has just resigned from the company and joins the Google. As noted by the BusinessInsider, the Facebook App for iPad was in the development since the start of the year, and finally met with the finish stage in May, said by developer. The developer has shared his thoughts after quitting from the company on his personal blog (currently offline due to high traffic load).

Verkeoyen just published couple of complains against Facebook and about the current status of the Facebook App for iPad, and claimed that the application is ready for the first public beta test, but they didn’t release the app and every time delayed the launch of the app to next week and than next week. Apparently after targeting Facebook heavily, Verkeoyen just edited his post and changes his words and said that the app is ready since May, but now it may never be see the light of day.

Verkoeyen wrote on his blog today that he was the lead engineer on the Facebook iPad app back in January. He put a ton of time into the app.

It was feature-complete back in May, he writes, but Facebook kept pushing its release out another two weeks, then another. (Feature-complete doesn’t necessarily mean “finished,” but it’s usually the last stage before a public beta test.)

Now, he thinks it “may never be released.”

Back in the June, it was reported that Facebook For iPad application is ready for launch, may be come out with in few weeks, but the company didn’t release the app and delayed its launch to the company’s annual F8 Developer conference and on the conference they again skip the launch of the app