Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Facebook Developing Smartphones : Hired Bunch of Quality Engineers from Apple

In fresh revelations, what has come to light is that, Facebook has been approaching former engineers from Apple who had worked upon the development of earlier versions of the iPhone and the iPad. However the question is, does Facebook have the firepower to become as strong force in the field of mobile technology? Some sources reveal that a few engineers have already been hired for the same b Facebook. The report comes on the heels of Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, with the search engine considering to enter the hardware market.

In early 2010, there were rumors around Facebook working on a smartphone which died eventually as the difficulties for a shit from hardware to software development became apparent. Again last year, there were reports suggesting that HTC and Facebook were working on a smartphone together. Although, this time Facebook was associating only its operating system with the project termed as “Buffy”. Facebook has already developed its operating system which is known as the Social Graph.

The move this time is more serious than all the previous attempts and is a third switch – from hardware to software and now back to hardware. There are rumors that Zuckerberg, the CEO, is worried over the fact that if he doesn’t come out with a smartphone then Facebook might end being just an app on other mobile devices. When contacted, Facebook did not confirm or deny the news.

Given the late entry of Facebook into the smartphone markets , which is already dominated by the likes of Apple and Samsung and which has not been so kind to other manufacturers like Nokia and RIM, Facebook is not likely to create that big an impact and the move could well prove to be a bad news for the investors. Also, if Facebook comes out with a phone dedicated to social networking then it might not get the kind of popularity it is looking for.