Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

Expired MobileMe accounts transferred to iCloud Service

Two days ago there was a discussion going on The Loop that whether iCloud would be able to support the MobileMe web-apps or not, but then the end result came out to be that iCloud web apps are in development and for those who used MobileMe, there is no more Yes that’s true, and so if you have an old MobileMe username and password, you can use that to login to iCloud service for free.

This is also taking place for all those MobileMe accounts which were expired, and this was confirmed by 9to5mac, when they got their hands on an expired MobileMe’s username and password and tried to login to iCloud service and it worked. But, in order to get it working you need to be running Apple’s upcoming iOS 5 and OS X Lion (with iCloud beta installed). Seems like these requirements are one more move of Apple for making their products get in use. All this is happening as a part of MobileMe-to-iCloud transition and has surely something saved as a surprise for us.

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