Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Upcoming iPad 3 Detailed Expected Specifications

Just a wait of few hours left to unveil the Apple’s next-generation iPad. In the meanwhile, the Cupertino, California-based company may have a few surprises in store for us too. As we are provided by the much of the information by secure sources about the inside story of Apple’s supply chain which has been leaking like a sieve over the past few months, we can imagine a relatively complete picture of the “iPad 3? or “iPad HD” as it may be named and the following specs.


iPad 3 Specifications


Apple’s next generation iPad 3 is expected to be getting a long rumored Retina Display screen finally from its manufacturer, and hoping to produce a real Retina Display graphics on the device. iPad 3 with Retina Display is expected to be spotting 2048×1536 resolution on a 9.7-inch tablet size.


Just like all the next generation devices, the iPad 3 is also rumored to be getting a next generation network communication protocol on the device. iPad 3 is expected to carrying a 4G LTE technology networking chipset, with initially support for at least U.S dominant carrier’s.


We have already devoted a large number of threads on this topic, as the device is still not confirmed about the adoption of processor. iPad 3 is expected to be carrying a typical upgraded micro-processor from the Apple. A6 – Quad Core Processor, but some last time rumors suggested that Apple is about to draw A6 for iPhone 5, and debut the iPad 3 with advanced A5X dual-core processor with upgraded GPU to support Retina Display.

Better Battery & Camera:

iPad 3 is also reportedly going to get a new better battery packs inside its hoods to light up the device for more time than older, and as well as to support the new Retina Display and better GPU processor. The device is also carrying a dual-back lid for the better colors on the device.

The leaked back-panels of iPad 3 suggested that Apple has done something greater with the upcoming iPad 3 camera lens, as the new device back panel is supporting a bigger hole than older iPad 2. iPad 3 is reportedly to be getting an advanced camera lens like iPhone 4S, probably a 8MP camera lens.


Well, we don’t want to disappoint anyone here, as Apple has decided to continue the iPad 3 with the same design but only with slightly changes to the overall look of the device to adjust the new Retina Display, and next generation components on it. iPad 3 is appeared to carrying a similar look to iPad 2, but with more tapered edges.


Apple has been working on the iOS 5.1 from a long time, and had already seeded a number of its beta versions to the developers, but from last sometime they have stopped seeding the builds publicly to the developers, and start developing and testing the builds internally. According to latest report, it is reported that iOS 5.1 Gold Master Build is ready, and waiting for Apple to announce it along with iPad 3.

A room for a lot of surprises is still awaited, and Apple’s updated Apple TV is top in the list. To unveil the hidden true picture, stay tuned to FreakGeeks. We will be covering the event live here on our dedicated coverage section with a lot of crunch.