Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

ExEn New Developer Tool Let You To Port XBox 360 Games To iOS and WP7

In last some months we have seen a trend rising up among the computer games companies, which are trying to move their games to the mobile platform, mostly of them want to transform their games to the iOS and Android, and for it they are hiring many professional teams and other companies to do this work for them, but now we have a new package of tools with name of “ExEn”, which allow developers to transform their games to the mobile platform and easily allow them to port their games from XNA (Xbox New Architecture) to Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and iOS. While using these tools, developers can easily design their games in the familiar environment, and then easily make their way to the mobile platforms such like, iOS and WP7.



Currently at this time this package of tools is only available under public review, but the final release of the tool coming soon, at the initial stage “ExEn” only works with iOS and WP7, but later they have planned to expand their platform to Android and Mac OS X. So after the launch of this type of tools we can see the big titles of Games World coming to the iOS and WP7.