Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Exclusive: No Unlock Will Be Released Untill iOS4.2.5 or iOS4.3 Is Officialy Released

Hey folks moments ago @Musclenerd Tweeted a very heart breaking news on Twitter, and this will for sure break the hearts of all those people who are waiting since past 4 months in order to have an unlock for their iPhones.

@Musclenerd Tweeted that:

@Musclenerd: Official iPhone unlock statement: no unlock will be released until after 4.2.5 or official 4.3 (whichever is last) is out

If we talk about iOS4.2.5 so it will come with Verizon iPhone which is releasing on 2.10.11.

If we talk about iOS4.3 so it is released and it is in its Beta Stages it is not released for Public, it is only for the developers till now.

So we think all those waiting for Unlock will have to wait one month more in order to unlock their iPhones. What did @MUsclenerd thought before giving this Heart breaking statement.