Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Exclusive iPad Signage Confirms: The New iPad Will Be Available At 8AM

Just a day ago, we have reported on our general assumption and hint from Apple on the availability of the next-generation iPad in your local Apple Retail Stores. It is reported that sources over the 9to5mac with good grip in the Retail Stores just got their hands on the marketing material that would be going to hang on the different Apple Retail Stores for the exclusive launch of the new iPad throughout the country. The sources have just revealed the exclusive signage marketing material of the new iPad which carries the launch date of the device, along with time.


Recently, it was rumored that Apple is about to open its retail store around 8 AM on the launch day, but there was no proper confirmation of the data, but now from the marketing material signage, it is purely confirmed that the Apple Retail Stores will be open at 8 AM, nearly two hours before their random opening timings. The new iPad is expected to be available throughout the country on retail stores, but the device will be available on short numbers due to massive and off the charts demand of the new iPad.

Many people have already started their camp out in front of the Apple Retail Stores to get their hands on the latest device exclusively. Apple has already provided a number of different ways to secure your device from anyone’s hand on the launch day, with an online option to secure your device with pre-orders of the device. However, it is now reported that the pre-order shipment dates are also slipped to 2-3-week duration, and soon will be slipped into months, as the new-generation iPad is very demanded among the users this year with its exclusive Retina Display, and 4G LTE technology integration.

Few lucky-folks around the country, have already got their hands on the device, and published an unboxing video of the device.