Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Exclusive: Downgrade Sony PlayStation 3 from 3.55 Firmware to 3.41

Hey Folks another great news for those people who upgraded their PS3 to 3.55 and were not happy so now they can downgrade it back to 3.41

This time around, solidpsycho, of PSX-Scene is claiming to be successful. He released a modified 3.41 PUP which we have personally tested, and can confirm its legitimacey.

The bad new is There are reports of this bricking Slim consoles, do not attempt to downgrade a Slim console with this method. Older Fat PS3’s are reporting no issues. Also, after downgrading with this method, your PS3 will think its a 3.56 console. It is recommended that you downgrade the traditional way afterward to 3.15 firmware, and then upgrade the traditional way to 3.41 official firmware.

Try this At Your Own risk:
Download: Lv2diag_355
Download: Downgrade File