Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Exclusive: AT&T Finally Begins Unlocking Off-Contract iPhones

Earlier this week, we have reported you that AT&T is rumored to be start offering unlock for the off-contract iPhones on their carrier, and allow users to use any SIM card with their iPhone devices after the expiration of their two-year contract with AT&T. Undoubtedly, AT&T is one of the biggest US carriers, and one of the biggest subsidized iPhone suppliers in the market, and millions of iPhone users are struck with their two-year contracts and looking for the third-party cheap unofficial ways to unlock iPhone baseband chips to make them work on third-party carrier devices.

However, the carrier AT&T is recently rumored to be start unlocking iPhone basebands for users to use their off-contract iPhone devices with other SIM cards without any kind of bug in their device. It is now reported that carrier has finally started its offer, and begins unlocking iPhone devices on their carrier. However, AT&T had a history of being strict with users, and “not unlocking” of iPhones, even after the contract expiration, and therefore, some users have reached the Tim Cook to get to unlock on their devices, but now it seems that carrier is finally on track and officially allow users to get to unlock for their devices.


We have just checked out the AT&T forum on which users have quickly climbed with their success stories of achieving an unlock for their iPhone from AT&T without any kind of extra money, and offer from the contract. Apparently, to unlock the iPhone devices, AT&T is checking the original owner’s history and contract to make sure whether the customer completed its contract or not with a carrier.

This is the big news of the month for the iPhone users, who are desperately waiting for the iPhone unlock, and especially those who are stuck with iPhone 4 unlockable baseband. Users around the world, are just pinging us to find out more details about the real deal. The AT&T is offering free unlocking to those who have completed their two-year contract with AT&T on iPhone without even upgrading to the iPhone 4S, because the carrier states, if you upgraded to a new device. You will start another contract with us, so there is no luck for the iPhone 4S users.

From jailbreak community, Chpwn, also reported that AT&T has begun unlocking off-contract iPhone. The latest tidbit, also suggests that you can also get unlock for your iPhone through the online chat, so you just not need to call them for an iPhone unlock.