Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

“Etisalat” Geeks in UAE Confirm The Next Generation Of iPhone

Yes It’s true the geeks at Etisalat the national network of UAE confirms that the next generation of iPhone is coming. They claim that they in the talk with the Apple people and Ali Al Ahmad, Chief Corporate Communication Officer say:

Yes, we are in talks with most smartphone manufacturers including Apple on the rollout of the 4G handset, iPhone 5 later this year. As the first telecom organisation to roll out the 4G network, LTE, in the Middle East, we have already started talking to them for the handsets and chipsets in them.

Yes, they are in contact with Apple…. So now what do you think will be next ! We getting an iPhone guess no because at least Apple should have given a sign of any hardware at the WWDC 2011. So we can hope it next year.

Well. 9to5Mac also say

The publication’s business editor Saifur Rahman explained that etisalat is finishing up a nationwide deployment of its 4G LTE network, due to launch commercially in the third quarter, when the next iPhone is said to hit the market. Note he also implied in no uncertain terms that iPhone will support fourth-generation networks using Long-Term Evolution (LTE) radio technology. They also covered the Emirate of Abu Dhabi with the advanced fiber-optic network. Etisalat’s 4G LTE network will be capable of download speeds up to 150 megabytes per second, Rahman noted.

So until that hang with iPhone 4 and iOS 5.

Source: Gulf News
via: 9to5Mac