Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Epic Games Updates Unreal Engine 3 With Support For Mac OS X

After getting a some success on iOS platform, Epic games has yesterday announced an update to their Unreal Engine 3 development kit to include the support for Mac OS X, including the OS X Lion. The new beta update of Unreal Engine 3 means that developer can now port all games to OS X that was developed back using the UDK.

 UDK games can now run on Mac OS

– Every UDK game’s potential user base has increased dramatically yet again
– September 2011 UDK contains a preview of our Mac OS support

Epic Games has brought their Unreal engine to iOS two year back and in the earlier stage they got a success from the iOS user by releasing such as “Infinity Blade”.  Originally Unreal Engine was used by the Epic Games developers to build their own games for the different platforms, but now the technology has been adopted by the couple of companies for their own offering technology software’s and games.