Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Enjoy Windows Phone 7.5 On iPhone and Android Without Any Trick

Have you ever wanted to test-drive the Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone experience, but didn’t test it because of not having the device around you? Bit similar to us, well. Microsoft has just unveiled its surprise box and launches a new HTML 5 based website that allows Android and iPhone users to enjoy the Windows Phone 7.5 experience right on your device.  The new website system doesn’t require any software or file download on the device, all you have to point the website address in your device’s browser to enjoy the Windows Phone 7.5 taste.

Simply points your device browser to:

The new Microsoft system does not acquire any data from your device like contacts, settings or other social information. It simply gives the interactive demo of the Windows Phone 7.5 on your device by using device’s hardware. Microsoft has baked the Windows Phone 7.5 demo with the informative features of their newer OS for Nokia or other devices.

It seems that Microsoft has applied another strategy to draw iOS and Android users to its newly launched Windows Phone 7.5 platform to join the latest handsets. The overall demo of the Windows Phone 7.5 works really cool and shows the most out of the Windows Phone Operating System.