Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Enable AirPlay Mirroring On All iDevices On iOS 4.3.3

As we know the AirPlay mirroring was just pushed for iPad 2 on iOS 5 but some changing in the deep software can make the stuff go reverse and make it happen in all the iDevice. The steps which are mentioned below will enable the AirPlay Mirroring on all the iDevices and on iOS 4.3.3 too, but you need a jailbrokren device for that, iFunBox (Windows), CyberDuck (Mac) and a .plist editor for Mac (xCode can help you).

Follow these steps to enable AirPlay mirroring

  • Connect your device to PC/Mac
  • Head over to iFunBox/CyberDuck and rediect to system/library/coreservices/
  • Copy K48AP.plist to your PC/Mac (Copy it 2 times for backup)
  • Open K48AP.plist 

  • Add display mirroring-boolean YES to K48AP.plist and save it.
  • Delete K48AP.plist from system/library/coreservices/ and copy the file you edited on your PC/Mac.
  • Reboot and you are done.

This process will enable AirPlay mirroring on all the iDevices. The performance is not guaranteed as same as iPad 2’s AirPlay mirroring.

Below is the video in which the first generation’s iPad is mirroring on Apple TV.